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While it may be obvious that certain foods and drinks are bad for your teeth, like candy and soda, there are other less obvious options that can also be harmful to your oral health. 

Although some might advise avoiding these problem foods altogether, dentists generally argue in favor of moderation and good oral hygiene.

Whether you want to avoid them entirely or reduce your consumption to help protect your teeth, here are eight surprising foods and drinks dentists try to limit.


While it’s fine to put ice in your drink, make sure you don’t chew on it. “Avoid doing anything that would result in trauma to the tooth, such as chewing ice, as it fractures enamel,” says Van Himel, DDS, an endodontist, head of the department of endodontics, and a professor at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center School of Dentistry in New Orleans. Read further on Everydayhealth.com