Meet The Dentist
Straighten Your Smile, the Invisalign Way: Embrace Confidence, Comfort, and Clarity!

Dr. Sara Menashehoff, DDS

Columbia University College of Dental Medicine

Dr. Menashehoff, a highly regarded alumna of Columbia University College of Dental Medicine in bustling Manhattan, New York, brings a wealth of expertise and a dedication to excellence in the realm of dentistry. Graduating from one of the most esteemed institutions in the city, she has continued to excel in her field.

Having completed her studies at Columbia, Dr. Menashehoff chose to further enrich her knowledge and skills by becoming a resident in the school's distinguished Advanced Education in General Dentistry program, demonstrating her commitment to staying at the forefront of dental care.

Dr. Menashehoff's extensive expertise encompasses a wide array of dental procedures, ranging from the intricate intricacies of root canal therapy to the meticulous craftsmanship required for crafting crowns and bridges. Her proficiency extends to the gentle and specialized care provided in pediatric dentistry, catering to the unique needs of young patients and their families.

In addition to her comprehensive skill set, Dr. Menashehoff is also well-versed in contemporary cosmetic solutions, making her an ideal choice for those seeking Invisalign treatment or porcelain veneers in Manhattan. Her familiarity with these innovative approaches, along with her commitment to utilizing advanced dental technologies, ensures that her patients receive the highest quality care available in the heart of New York City.

At the core of Dr. Menashehoff's treatment philosophy lies a steadfast commitment to patient education. She firmly believes that informed patients are empowered patients. Therefore, she dedicates herself to ensuring that her patients possess a comprehensive understanding of their dental needs and the array of solutions available to them. This commitment to patient education empowers individuals to make well-informed choices regarding their treatment, ultimately leading to the attainment of a healthier, more radiant smile.

For those in Manhattan, New York, seeking specialized dental care, including Invisalign treatment, Dr. Menashehoff stands as a beacon of expertise and dedication, ready to provide comprehensive dental solutions in the heart of this vibrant city.